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From the International Baccalaureate Music Subject Outline:
A vibrant musical education fosters curiosity and openness to both familiar and unfamiliar musical worlds.  Through such a study of music we learn to hear relationships of pitch in sound, pattern in rhythm and unfolding sonic structures. Through participating in the study of music we are able to explore the similarities, differences and links in music from within our own culture and that of others across time. Informed and active musical engagement allows us to explore and discover relationships between lived human  experience and specific sound combinations and technologies, thus informing us more fully of the world around us, and the nature of humanity.
IB Music at Hoover is designed to allow students enrolled in Band, Choir, or Piano Keyboard classes during the junior and senior years to complete the Group Six requirement for the IB Diploma.
Hoover High School IB Music Faculty:
IB Academic Instructor:  Cathy Shelton
Band Directors:  Ryan Fitchpatrick, Sallie White, Dennis Carroll, Jeff Fondren
Choral Directors:  Diana Mayhall, Cathy Shelton