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 Law Officers and members plan events for the year. It meets in B211.

HHS Law Academy along with students from our political clubs (Students for Liberty – A Libertarian Club, Young Democrats, and Young Republicans) have planned a series of events for students over the next several weeks.

October 15th – Mock Debate in the Theatre during 5th period (A/B or C/D)

• Jordan LaPorta will represent the Republican Party and Sudhi Kaushik will represent the Democratic Party. These young men will answer questions posed by moderators. Their answers will not be based on their own opinions, but those of the party platform they represent.

• Moderators will be Josh Rogers, Corie McCloud, and Khalil Saadiq

o Each moderator will ask 3 questions from 3 different policy areas. The moderators also collectively constructed a wild-card question.

• Please consider bringing your 5th period class during A/B or C/D to catch the action.

• We will begin promptly 5 minutes after the beginning of A and C periods.

• Reserve your 5th period’s spot now by emailing me!!!

October 21-26th – Know your Candidates in the Library with Tours 5th period

• Displays throughout the library that will inform students about:

o Offices up for election at the local, state, and national levels

o Candidates for these offices

o Proposed amendments to the Alabama Constitution

• During 5th period, Law Academy students will give tours to 2 classes of students per lunch period.

• Reserve your 5th period’s spot today

• You may tour the exhibit on your own during other class periods.

November 1st – Mock Election in the Lunchroom

• All HHS students will be eligible to vote using a replica of the Alabama ballot for Jefferson County

• Votes will be counted and results released prior to the November 6th Election