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Words of Wood - Jason Wyers
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Thursday, November 09, 2017
Jason Wyers - Berry Bucs
Jason Wyers - Berry Bucs

05-Nov.-2017 (HHS) - Jason Wyers played both tailback & defensive end, which happened to be the main positions that Coach Bob Finley personally worked with, along with QB, for the Berry Bucs. Though he & his family live in Vestavia now his wife Mary works for Hoover at Simmons Middle School. Here are his reflections on his time as a Buccaneer football player.

“Coach Finley taught my Sunday School class at Green Valley Baptist Church in Hoover during my freshman & sophomore years of high school. I also lived three doors from him during my junior high & high school years. I was fortunate to interact with Coach Finley as much off the field as I did on the field. I was able to get to know his family & see him as a family man off the field & a coach on the field. The story that sticks out in my mind about Coach Finley’s family life is from my sophomore season in 1986.”

“The team wasn’t doing too well that season, and Coach Finley has us in the locker room before practice. He was getting on us about how we had been playing. During his talk someone knocked on the team room door. No one dared to move because he was talking to us, and we were giving him our attention.”

“The knock came again. Coach Finley looked over at whomever was sitting closest to the door with his famous ‘Coach Finley Scowl’ and said, ‘Well, get the door!’ The kid opened the door while Coach Finley continued to let the team have it.”

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