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Exam Schedule for May 2013
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Monday, February 25, 2013

See School Forms Link  For the exam schedule for May 2013 and Senior Exam Exemption Guidelines.



  Hoover High School  
  2013 Spring Semester Exam Schedule  
Senior Exams  
  Wednesday, May 15   Thursday, May 16   Friday, May 17   Monday, May 20    
  8:15-10:54 Regular Schedule   9:00-11:30 Art & Career Tech   9:00-11:30 Math   9:00-11:30 English    
  12:30-3:00 Electives   12:30-3:00 Foreign Language & PE   12:30-3:00 Social Studies   12:30-3:00 Science    
  Senior exams will be given at the Old Berry High School campus.                
  Students will meet at Hoover High School and be bused to and from the test site.            
  Lunch will be available at Old Berry.                    
  Buses will run between exams for students who only have to take a morning or afternoon exam.           
  Students who take their exams in the Learning Lab will continue to do so and will work with their case managers to schedule their exams.    
Grade 9-11 Exams  
  Monday, May 20   Tuesday, May 21   Wednesday, May 22   Thursday, May 23    
  Pep Rally Schedule Lunches                
  8:15-9:45 Zero Exam   8:15-9:55 1st Exam   8:15-9:55 3rd Exam   8:15-9:55 5th Exam    
  8:15-9:45 7th                      
  9:50-10:14 1st   10:05-11:45 2nd Exam   10:05-11:45 4th Exam   10:05-11:45 7th Exam    
  10:19-10:43 2nd                      
  10:48-11:12 3rd                      
  11:17-12:56 4th (9th Grade)                      
  1:01-1:46 5th (9th Grade)         1:00-2:30 Make-Up***   1:00-2:30 Make-Up***    
  11:17-12:02 4th                *** Make up exams for excused absences    
  12:07-1:46 5th                      must be scheduled with the individual    
  1:51-3:26 6th Exam                      teacher.    
  Students in grades 9-11 are not allowed to take exams during the early senior exam periods.          
  Parents should not check out students during exam days.                
  Students are not allowed to check out and check back in on an exam day.              
  Students are not allowed to take exams early without prior approval from an administrator.          
  Students will not be allowed to enter an exam more than 10 minutes late. Tardy students will be required to take a make-up exam.    
  Students in all classes are expected to be present and in their assigned places during the scheduled exam period.      
  Make-up exams must be pre-arranged with the teacher.                


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