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Finance Academy Entrepreneurship Students Sweep Challenge
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Friday, April 21, 2017
Finance Academy Students
Finance Academy Students

Hoover High School’s Finance Academy Entrepreneurship students recently swept the 8th Annual Junior Achievement of Alabama Business Plan Challenge, putting forward six-award winning business plans.  Out of dozens of business plans submitted, this marks the first time that all six finalists have come from the same high school, according to Finance Academy teacher Mrs. Lisa Smith.

The finalists and their “companies” are: Jordan Henderson (Brace Buddy); Haley Meredith/Jenny Chin-Lai (Dorm Design); Alexia Wilson (Happy Keys); Zachary Rodgers (Our Charge); Trent Hammer (Street-Ad); and Gigi McLendon (TENstudio).

According to Smith, the Business Plan Challenge is the “capstone” project for Finance Academy seniors.  Students must create an entire business plan, including a PowerPoint (or equivalent slide presentation) along with a 60 second video of their product/solution.  The collective “business plan” incorporates product development concepts, funding sources, marketing, etc. - all aspects needed for a product launch.  Students also had to address social and ethical responsibilities and explain their personal management styles, as well as past business experience which gives them the ability to succeed as entrepreneurs.

“Our Charge” by Zachary Rodgers was a business plan which focused on smartphone charge cable protection and mitigating breakages.

“I feel like I executed the plan pretty well,” Rodgers said. “The main issue [I discovered] was getting funding for the project and [working through the patent process].  We have a really good teacher and a really good program.

“The business plans these students create take hours and hours of planning and work before they are submitted to Junior Achievement to be judged,” Smith said. “I am so proud of these seniors.”  

The final pitch has been scheduled for April 27th at RSM US LLP at The Summit.  See more at 


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