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McEwan Named 2017 AL Alternate Teacher of the Year
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Friday, May 12, 2017
Paul McEwan - Alabama Alternate Teacher of the Year
Paul McEwan - Alabama Alternate Teacher of the Year

Hoover High School science teacher Robert Paul McEwan was named the Alabama Alternate Teacher of the Year during the ceremony, which is held annually in recognition of these teachers’ dedication to education in Alabama public schools. A 32-year veteran of the profession, McEwan strives daily to inspire a love of learning in his students.  Mr. McEwan prides himself on using innovative methods to keep students’ hands and minds engaged in learning.

“For many, the decision to teach is a matter of the heart; it certainly was, and remains for me,” McEwan said. “When one is called to teach and is well prepared to do so, then the result is a passion-filled vocation that can be sustained for an entire career.” 

State Superintendent of Education Michael Sentance said it was an honor to join in the recognition of exemplary educators who not only transform classrooms but also change the world one student at a time on a national and international scale. He said Alabama Teachers of the Year represent great teaching and provide a model for inspiring educators, in addition to those who wish to continue to grow professionally in their practice.

“Teachers of the Year are, in fact, world changers, and we celebrate their commitment to students and to the colleagues who work alongside them each day,” Sentance said. “These educators have shown our students their potential and given them a preview of the endless possibilities that will support them in college and career endeavors.”

Mobile County School System educator Chasity Collier, who teaches fifth-grade science at Dawes Intermediate School, was named Alabama’s 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year.  Alabama Governor Kay Ivey made the announcement.  Collier will serve as the state’s ambassador for public education and the teaching profession throughout the upcoming school year. Collier, who served as an Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) coach from 2008-2015, automatically becomes Alabama’s nominee for National Teacher of the Year.

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