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2018 Spring Exam Schedule
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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

HHS Spring Exam Schedule


-Parents should not check out students during exam days.

-Students are not allowed to check out and check back in on May 21st.  This is a regular school day and students should be reviewing for exams.

-Students will not be allowed to enter an exam more than 10 minutes late.  Tardy students will be required to take a make-up exam.

-Students WILL NOT be allowed to leave an exam until the exam period is over.  There are no check outs from exams

-Students are expected to be present and in their assigned places during the scheduled exam period.  They may not leave early.

-Students are not allowed to take exams early without prior approval from an administrator.

-If students are exempt from an exam (Tuesday, 5/22 – Thursday, 5/24) they do not come for that exam.  They should only come for the exams they have to take.

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