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I attended the University of Alabama for 2 years back in the early 1980's.  I completed my Bachelor's Degree at UAB in 1990, with a degree in history and political science.  I then continued my education at UAB, earning a Master's in Education in 1991.

I regularly attend competitive summer professional development seminars because I believe that education is a lifelong goal and vocation.  I look forward to learning with you.

For the past several years, I have served as a "reader" for the AP Government exam, scoring approximately 2000 exams each summer.  This has enabled me to become a better teacher of the AP course because I gain a lot of insight from the common errors made by students while scoring their exams.

Additionally, I engage in continuous professional improvement through reading and online training seminars.  Ongoing education and collaboration is important to me as a lifelong learner, and that is a desire that I hope to spark in my students if they don't have it before they enter my classroom.


I have taught at Hoover High School since it opened in 1994, having taught at W.A. Berry High School for the 3 years prior to that time.  I have taught a variety of courses at Hoover High School, including 10th grade World Studies (a HCS course), Government, Economics, Law, World History, AP U.S. Government and Sociology.  I also helped pilot the blended online and virtual government courses for HCS.

For the 2017-2018 school year, I will be teaching A.P. U.S. Government & Politics during the fall semester (both in class and virtually), along with one section of Virtual U.S. Government and one section of Sociology.  During the spring semester, I will teach.  In the spring, the AP Government classes will be replaced with regular Government classes.


I was born in Evansville, Indiana in 1962, and I spent my childhood moving from state to state as my father pursued promotions in the retail business.  We moved to Alabama in the summer of 1975 and I graduated from Vestavia High School in 1980.

I worked as a legal secretary while in my 20's, attending school at night to complete my degree.

In 1989, I married Will Self, a friend who I met in the 8th grade in Sunday School.  Life takes many unusual and unexpected twists.  I have three daughters, Eleanor who is a 2012 graduate of Hoover High School and a 2016 graduate of Troy University, Amelia,who is a 2014 graduate of Hoover High School, and Olivia, a member of the class of 2016.  We live in a historic home in Bessemer, Alabama, built in 1902, which we are slowly restoring.  I have two dogs: Lola, a rescue dog who is part border collie and many parts mutt.  She is a loyal and protective companion though and we love her.  We also have Molly, a very active Australian Shepherd who really needs to grow up a little more and get out of the toddler stage because she is entirely too rambunctious for me!

I am a knitter.  I took up knitting about 12 years ago as something to pass some time while my children were in dance class.  It has become a passion and I have worked hard to build my skills so that there isn't an project that I wouldn't tackle.  The only thing I haven't tried at all is intarsia, or color-stranded knitting.  I knit daily, and teach classes  at a local yarn shop, KnitHappenz, in Vestavia.  I also sponsor the Fibert Arts club here at Hoover High School.

I love to read, travel and try new things.  I am intrigued by technology and try to keep up with the latest innovations.  We are a Mac family and have a household full of Mac's.  I enjoyed the iPad initiative so much that I have a personal one now.

I have a bucket list that includes travelling to every country in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and many areas of Asia.  My oldest daughter moved to Japan in August, 2016, to teach English through the JET program, so Japan was added to my bucket list of travel desires last year, and I was excited to check that off this summer, with a 3 week visit to Japan.  I also am working on visiting every presidential library and museum in the United States.  So far, I have visited 13 or 14, with the latest being the JFK Library and Museum in Boston (highly recommend)!