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 High School:        (1983)  John Carroll  Birmingham, Alabama 


Undergraduate:    (1988) University of Alabama Birmingham B.A. 


1989-1994    -  W.A. Berry High School; Physical Science, Honors (AST) Physical Science and Honors (AST) Biology

1994-1999    -  Hoover High School; Physical Science, Honors (AST) Physical Science and Honors (AST) Biology

1999-Present  - Hoover High School; Chemistry, PREAP Chemistry, Chemistry Lab Coordinator



I have been teaching for the past 29 years.  I enjoy spending time with my husband and my two daughters.  Chemistry at Hoover is an awesome and challenging course and my FAVORITE subject to teach. 

During the school year, class information can be obtained by logging into Google classroom.  Google classroom codes will be given on the first day of school.

PREAP Chemistry is sequential and moves at a fast pace. My best advice to students is to pay attention in class, study daily, attend school regularly, make sure you have placed yourself in the level of chemistry needed based on your past grades math and science grades and do not get behind. If you need to contact me throughout the year, my preferred & quickest contact method is

Strive for Excellence!!!!!!