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Hoover High School                                          Lisa Rigsby, Visual Arts

Art 1 Syllabus   Room  E164              

Course Description

Welcome to Art 1! Art 1 is a foundational course in the visual arts designed for students with a variety of skill levels. This course will engage students in the various ways one can express ideas through visual art production, art appreciation and art criticism. The Art 1 course will have three major components: (1) understanding the elements and principles of art through observation and practice, (2) creating art projects that demonstrate content, concept, skills learned and innovation, (3) general knowledge of how the arts function in society throughout history and in our present day. You will be assessed through art projects, written critiques, online participation and tests.

Grading Criteria

Creativity, craftsmanship, following instructions, overall appearance and quality, completion


Art 1 is primarily a 2D course focusing on drawing and painting techniques through a variety of materials and subject matter. We will also explore printmaking, mixed-media and collages, digital art and sculpture.

Classroom Expectations

1.     Be on time.

2.     Plan, Work, Finish.

3.     Keep the studio clean.

4.     Be Kind!

Consequences for failing to meet the expectations

1.     Verbal warning, parent contact

**HHS Tardy Policy, 3rd tardy sign warning, 4th referred to admin for ISS

**HHS Dress code, verbal warning, ref to administration

2.     Referral to administration


Is a great and necessary tool for learning. We will be using new technologies in our class, however it can become a distraction.  We will have “tech on” days that will be posted when you come into the room. But on “tech off” days, I expect your devices to remain off and out of sight.