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Freshman Year - Class of 2021 



Freshman Year - Class of 2021

  • Remember that college admission and scholarship applications begin with your freshman year.  The GPA for your freshman year sets the stage for the remaining years.
  • Set goals for yourself including academic goals for 1st 9 weeks grades.  Know how to calculate GPA. Ask for help when you need it! Your teachers want to help!
  • Set social goals as well: Join clubs, organizations, and after school programs that you enjoy and match your interests. Participate in athletics, fine arts and community service opportunities. Community service cards are at front desk.
  • Review your ASPIRE & SCANTRON test results with your family, counselor, and teachers.
  • Begin researching career opportunities and complete the career interest profile in Career Preparedness/Academy Course. Take time to research careers NOW!

I am here to help you have a fabulous FRESHMAN YEAR!! Come see me!

Mrs. Marley Stephens, Counselor for Class of 2021


I am available to meet with students individually to help identify interests and possible career goals.


Below are some helpful websites to assist you in this process.


Community service:

Career search: (This is the website used in 9th Grade Career Preparedness/Academy classes) or

College planning: and Mrs. Bond's website (College & Career Specialist)