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My Schedule 2016-17 

1st - Virtual Art 1

2nd -  Virtual Art 1

3rd - Art 1

4th PLC

5th Art 1

6th Plan

7th Art 1

Grading in the Artroom   If students do not complete a project or do not turn in the work their grade will reflect that in the iNOW system. If this is the case please talk with your child first about what could be missing. If it is missing or not finished yet it will show up as a zero. This helps remind all of us something is missing. They have until the end of a nine week grading period to get it turned in and there is no penalty. The grade will be updated when the work is turned in.

Absences   If a student is only going to miss a day or two it will be easy to catch up when they return. Most of our projects continue for 4-5 days. If the absence is going to be longer, the student will need to talk with me about how to make up the work.

Do they get their Art back     Every student has their own storage space. they can bring graded projects home at any time. I also tell the students to take work home at the end of the class. I do not keep artwork after a student has completed my class. Everything is cleared out for the next groups.

Online Presence

Twitter - @HHSrigsart1

Instagram - hhsrigsart1