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Procedures for Applying to College 

Please contact Cindy Bond or Debi Petersen with any questions.
Email:, Cindy Bond, College and Career Specialist
 , Debi Petersen, College and Career Secretary

Procedures for Applying to College

1. Complete and submit all parts of the Senior College Packet to the Guidance Office, forms can be emailed to the College and Career Secretary at We cannot send a transcript for a student without a signed transcript release form. Senior Packet forms can be picked up in the College and Career Room or downloaded here: Senior Packet forms

2.  Complete an online application to your selected college.

3.  Request a transcript to be sent to the college(s) where you have applied. All transcript requests must be in WRITING; telephone calls are not permitted. Either submit a Transcript Request form in person to the Guidance Office or email your request to Debi Petersen,  You must already have a Transcript Release Form signed by a parent and on file with the Guidance Office.  (There is a $5 charge per transcript for students who have already graduated.)

4.   If you are requesting a letter of recommendation you must complete the Personal Profile and Parent Brag Sheet.  These forms can be found on the senior packet link or the College and Career Room.

Remember, your deadlines are YOUR responsibility. Respect your teachers’ and counselors’ time and their commitment to all of their students, not just you. The staff is here to help you. Good Luck!!