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IB Links
IB English 12 Webpage

Daily class activities and assignments for IB English 12 (login required)

IB ToK 11 course

The online course for IB ToK 11 (login required)


Short videos explaining various aspects of the IB Diploma Program.

IB Policies by College/University

The second drop down menu on this page allows you to view the IB recognition policies of various colleges and universities in the US.

UAB IB recognition policy

Many colleges and universities recognize the value of an IB Diploma.  The policy of UAB is attractive to many HHS IB students.


IB students explain electives and core

The IB Program at HHS

An overview of the HHS IB program with pictures and music.

Pre IB classes at HHS

Information from students, for students about the pre IB classes at Hoover.

IB Live Binder

Information for IB parents, students and faculty