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Specialized Academics at Hoover High School

 Advanced Placement Classes    The Advanced Placement program is a nationally recognized program sponsored by the College Board which enables students to complete college-level studies while still in high school and to obtain college placement or credit on the basis of their performance on rigorous Advanced Placement examinations.  A strong Advanced Placement program depends upon a partnership between motivated students, of whom much is expected, and dedicated high school teachers who are trained by the College Board.  Participation in Advanced Placement programs is often used as one of the criteria for academic scholarships and acceptance into many highly selective colleges.  All Advanced Placement Courses carry a course fee and the cost of the exam in the spring. 

 Contact:   Ashley Ferguson    email: or

International Baccalaureate (IB) Program at Hoover High School allows our students to receive a world class, comprehensive education.

To complete the IB Diploma, students take IB classes in their junior and senior years in which they complete projects, labs, papers and exams that are graded by both the classroom teacher and outside examiners. Upon completion of these courses, students receive scores in each subject which may qualify them for the IB Diploma and earn college credit. Students may also take individual IB courses and receive official scores without pursuing the full Diploma.

The IB Diploma is more than a collection of classes. In addition, students complete projects of creativity, action and service (CAS), an extended essay on a topic of their choice, and the Theory of Knowledge course, which helps to bring together their knowledge from different academic areas and enhance students' critical thinking skills.

If you have any questions about the IB program, please contact the IB Coordinator Brad Coltrane.

Contact: Brad Coltrane   Email:

Information Technology (IT) Academy is designed for students who are considering a career in any field of computer technology including but not limited to computer repair/troubleshooting, programming, security, software engineering, gaming, network administration, web development, and IT consultant . 

In the required introductory class, Foundations of IT/IT Essentials (IT Academy 1), students learn computer hardware and software basics using the curriculum from Cisco that prepares students for the CompTIA A+ certification exam. Safe tool use as well as developing communications skills is also emphasized.  Taking IT Academy I meets the requirement for the computer literacy course (Business Technology Applications).

In Creative Media/Programming (IT Academy 2), students use the Adobe Creative Suite of products to develop web pages (DreamWeaver), draw their own clip art (Illustrator), layout print media such as magazines, newspapers, and flyers (InDesign), edit photos (PhotoShop), and create animations for web pages (Flash).  Additionally, students write programs using VisualBasic programming language.

In Network Basics (IT Academy 3) and Advanced Networks (IT Academy 4), students learn to set up and maintain a network as well as manage the network and keep it secure.  During the summer of their junior year, IT students complete an internship of 120 hours in a specialized IT field to gain hands-on experience.

Students are also encouraged to join Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) to develop their leadership skills, participate in community service activities, and compete in a variety of business and IT-related events.

Education Academy is an exciting and dynamic educational experience that offers a variety of opportunities to explore careers in working with children and teaching.  The Education Academy provides students with a strong foundation in education and training enhanced with teaching experiences that prepares students for college as well as careers as teachers and leaders in education.


Education and Training

Teaching I

Teaching II

Education and Training Internship

Contact: Jennifer Paradise           Email:

Engineering Academy     at Hoover High School is in its seventh year of existence and is like no other in the state (and maybe the nation).  The reputation of the program has really grown; as evidenced by the fact that there are currently 189 students participating in grades 9-12 and 65 graduates at universities around the eastern half of the U.S.  Of the 65 graduates, 85 are studying engineering and over 90 are in a STEM-related field. The program has been designed as a four-year math, science, and engineering curriculum with the expressed intent of exciting students about the engineering profession and preparing them to be successful in engineering at the undergraduate level. 

Contact:   Mark Conner     Email:

Health Science Academy is designed for students who are considering a career in healthcare.  In the required introductory class, Foundations of Health Science, students learn basic human anatomy and physiology. They are introduced to the legal, ethical and business aspects of healthcare.  

In the Emergency Services class and in the Therapeutic Services class , students look at the qualities, knowledge base and clinical skills required in different health care setting.  Topics introduced in the Foundations class are re-explored and the understanding is deepened.  Students learn how the body's systems can fail as they study the pathophysiology of disease.

As a senior, they have the option of spending time at health care facilities to observe the daily activities of a health care provider.

The Finance Academy is designed for students who are interested in learning about money management skills for personal use, careers, and business. 

The Finance Academy prepares students to be successful in college, business and in life by providing a school based curricula with work based experiences, such as field trip to colleges, job shadowing and internship opportunities.

Contact:  Madge Gregg              Email:

Law Academy is a four-year selective academic elective program designed to utilize legal issues to develop critical thinking skills. The courses include;  Law I: Philosophy; Law II: Primary Documents; Law III: Constitutional Law/Moot Court; Law IV: Practical Law/Mock Trial.

 Contact:  Joe Hutchings                 Email:

Hoover Hall   It is located across from the Hoover High School Bucs baseball field.  It houses approximately 1,380 students per week  Seven teachers travel from Hoover High School to Hoover Hall each day.  Counting the administrator, secretary, and custodian - there is a staff of twenty-three.  

Each student's academy class is paired with a core class so that the student is at Hoover Hall for two periods each day.  Classes are taught in two period blocks on alternate days.  Most academy classes are paired with a math class and there are also three social studies classes which can be paired with an academy.

Contact: Taurus Felton  

Cooperative Education (Co-op) is a work-based learning opportunity for Juniors and Seniors and provides educational opportunities not typically found in the classroom.   Co-op is a component of Career and Technical education allowing students to complete paid, supervised, work-based training, internships or apprenticeships in fields related to the student's career objective.   Hoover High School partners with the student's employer to create an individualized training plan allowing the student to develop a productive work ethic along with specific job and employability skills.  Students earn course credit based on approved hours completed at the work-based learning site.

Co-op students also participate in community service, leadership and competition through Hoover DECA and its state and national events.   Students in Cooperative Education have the opportunity to earn the Alabama Career Readiness Credential by participating in the ACT® WorkKeys assessment which is a nationally recognized work-readiness certification.

For more information or to see if you are qualified to Co-op, contact your counselor or Jill Westerlund.

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